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Price on application

Up to 200 people 

Dordogne & Charente border,Vienne Region, France

Bergerac, Bordeaux

Up to 32 people onsite

Heated Pool, Immaculate grounds, 4 poster bed, 2 Barns and a beautiful old church nearby.

Located on the Dordogne Charente border, and close to some of the quaintest villages in France, sits the Château Charmant.

A beautiful Chateau surrounded by immaculate grounds. The Chateau has a 4 star interior and along with the tastefully renovated barn, the gardens, the heated pool and the general ambience, this property is a must to consider for your perfect French wedding. 

With stunning grounds and opulently decorated interior spaces it is the perfect combination
of country living with interior chic. The gite in the grounds makes self-catering possible and the remainder of the 28 guests who can be housed onsite, stay in the main château building.

Whilst the château is large is size and formal in appearance (great for events),
the interiors are cosy and it is therefore the perfect combination of homely and stately.

It is also extremely good value for the price – allowing a high end private hire event at reasonable prices.

Chateau and Grounds


The château sits on a green, 60-hectare park with a heated outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by a furnished sun deck.

The Château offers ten luxury rooms with en suite bathrooms.

They are all designed to offer elegance and the ultimate in privacy, with good bedding and towels.

The property offers complimentary Wi-Fi in our rooms, as well as the lobby, restaurant,
beside the swimming pool and everywhere else in between.


Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding! The Château team, can help you plan a truly whimsical and traditional French wedding! This wedding venue is nestled in the heart of a 60-hectare magnificent park, guaranteeing a quiet,
peaceful and enchanting setting. It features a subtle blend of renaissance luxury and 21st century comfort.

You can hold your wedding anywhere on our property, including our lounges, banquet halls and, of course, the park.

There is also a heated outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by a furnished sun deck.


Château Charmant is a classic French Renaissance château on an elegant estate!
There are a range of wedding packages to suit all budgets and tastes.


The château is available for both short- and long-term rentals!
It has 10 luxury rooms, each furnished to offer elegance, comfort and the ultimate in privacy. 
The residence is also ideal if you’re looking to spend a quiet holiday in the heart of nature.


Surrounded by a 60-hectare green park, Château Charmant is the perfect place to celebrate your special day!


Combining renaissance charm and luxury with 21st century comfort, Château Charmant is a venue like no other to host a wedding. The château features 10 luxury rooms, each designed to surround you with elegance and wellness. It also boasts a heated outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by a furnished sun deck.

Sitting on a green and picturesque 60-hectare park, the location of the château is truly idyllic. It also offers easy links to Charente and Dordogne and it is just a stone's throw away from Gironde and the vineyards of the Bordeaux region.


Château Charmant is located in a green and peaceful environment, well protected from unpleasant winds and perfect for sunbathing. Discover our lovely 60-hectare park and the paths around the property on foot, by bike or on horseback.

As the seasons change, so do the animal and bird species that visit us, including red squirrels, deer and hares. Our park makes a great spot for observing the animals.

The park also lies on a popular migratory route for cranes, offering front-row seats to a spectacular wildlife phenomenon! The green setting of the château is composed of an arboretum planted in the 19th century by the Marquis de Natte.

The park is home to plane trees, giant sequoias, chestnut trees, oaks, beeches and truffle trees.


Less than two kilometres from the centre of Petit-Bersac and hidden in the shade of a large park with century-old trees is an elegant Renaissance-style residence.

The origin of the château goes back to the Gallo-Roman period. The château is home to many remnants of the 15th and 16th centuries and an important restoration operation has been carried out to preserve them.

The archives of the Marquis de Cumond allow us to trace the history of the château to 1509.

It can also be established that, in 1765, an ancestor of the Marquis de Cumond married
Marie Jacqueline Augustine de La Cropte de Chantérac, daughter of François David de La Cropte de Chantérac, descendant of the Marshal of Aubeterre.

The Château was attributed to Louisa Mathilde Marie du Lau d'Allemans in 1861 by her father. She was born in 1840 and married Pierre Marie Béranger in Paris. He was the Marquis de Nattes, born on May 25th 1829 in Montpellier.

The family left a very vivid mark on the commune and some "elders" still speak of them. Much has been chronicled about the character and behaviour of the marquise and how she lived among her dogs and monkeys, the names of which have been passed down to many of us.

There was the unbearable Sarah and also Romeo and Juliet who wandered in the countryside, to the great displeasure of the peasants. The marquise rode on horseback, hunted and fished with her faithful butler Jean Virecoulon.

These distractions did not prevent her from taking an interest in literature and history. She also had a passion for flowers and orchids, which she grew in real laboratories.

Legend has it that her greenhouse contained wonders, including rare species of flowers from Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala. She also had a singular Bulbophyllum odoratum from India, a gift from her son.


A photograph shows her in the Amazon!
She is with her son, who was dressed in a dragon outfit and was carrying a helmet and a sword.

"Toutvent", the family home of President François Mitterrand is just a stone's throw from the château.

He frequently stayed here, enjoying the peaceful setting of our premises with his Labradors in the Grande Allée.

Closed in 1997, The Château was completely renovated before its reopening in 2005
and a new standardisation in 2010.

With its sense of opulence and green setting, the château attracts many nature lovers.

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