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If you are wanting a French Experience, be it a holiday, a wedding, an exchange or even to simply relax with a glass of French wine and some French cheese

- then feel free to contact me and I will be more than delighted to help!


Wether it's deciding to 'Adventure to NZ or France' or simply investigating the 'Fairytale Wedding of your Dreams', Let me aid you in one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life!


It is useful to provide me with as much information as possible
to help me understand your vision and desires.


For wedding enquiries, things such as, which venues you are particularly interested in; Areas of interest, approx. guests numbers; a rough idea of dates, if you require accomodation and any other details you might feel are relevant.

For exchange enquiries, your age, the duration you would prefer, any particular interests and your country of origin (it doesn't have to be France or NZ, we can also look at other options for different countries). or call me on +64 21 088 55 818


Thanks for submitting!

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