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From 13-17 year olds

Anything from 15 days to 6 months or even 1 year

Wellington New Zealand or Bordeaux France

City Exchange or Rural Camp

Local Families, all police checked and excited to welcome you into their homes!
Year 9-12 College Education options

French Exchange Programs 2020

Reciprocal Student Exchanges

Background Information

As a family, from 2013 - 2015, we hosted six international students, in our Eastbourne home, from a variety of countries. We then decided to show our 3 boys some other wonderful cultures the world has to offer.
We spent from 2015 - 2018 living in the UK, Spain and France.
We developing a large network of friends and colleagues in both countries.
Our boys attended French school for 2 years, while my husband and I managed and developed,
a very successful Chateau wedding venue operation.

Since returning to NZ, I have become an independent contractor working alongside a very reputable
College near Bordeaux, France. We have created a variety of different exchange programs,
encouraging French Students to travel and experience life in NZ.
While in NZ the students learn to speak English in a total immersion environment.


We offer a reciprocal learning opportunity to NZ students interested in traveling to France,
so wether your are a New Zealand or French Student this is an amazing opportunity for you.

The College in Carignan-de-Bordeaux, is private Catholic College in France,
for students between the ages of 11 and 15 years. It is a co-ed college.


The College in Lower Hutt, Wellington is a public College in New Zealand, 
for students between the ages of 13 and 16 years. It is a co-ed college.

The Colleges and I have developed three seperate exchange programs at present, briefly outlined below:

Program 1: The Taster Exchange


This exchange program coincides with the April school breaks each year. French Students arrive in NZ a week before the holidays and stay for 15 days in NZ (ending half way through the holidays). Our NZ Students then accompany our French Students returning to France and experience15 days in France before returning to NZ. 


This is a short 15 day exchange for a maximum of 50 Students (generally aimed at 15-16 year olds or
school years 11 & 12) to visit NZ and get a brief taste of what it is like to live in NZ,
and an insight into NZ culture and way of life.

This program is already in place with the College, in Bordeaux
and two colleges in Argentina, South America and Québec, Canada. 

How it works

The traveling students are hosted by local families for free,
they don't pay for food (morning and evening) or for the homestay.

They spend eight nights with their host families, the additional nights in hostels, as they travel within the country, engaging in a range of activities. The students will also spend one full weekend with their host families. 

For the rest of their time, they meet at school in the morning, do an excursion for the day and return back at the end of the afternoon for the end of school. We also like our students to spend a minimum of a day at school,

so that they can experience a day at school in another country.


Having our students stay with host families is two fold: 

- It is the best way for them to practice the language and to discover the NZ or French way of life. 

- It also allows us to save on costs, so that they can do more activities whilst in the country they are visiting.



François Bégards, The Principle of the college in France, feels very strongly about giving this amazing opportunity to as many students as possible. The students families are expected to pay half of the cost involved and the students themselves,

have to fund raise the rest of the money throughout the year.

The French College would like to offer any NZ Students of a similar age the same opportunity in return. I will be organising a return trip to France for NZ Students, once we have established the number of those interested.

Please contact me for further details.

All Students are accompanied on this trip by 4 - 5 teachers and adult supervisors.

Program 2: The Immersion Exchange


This program is already in place between Lestonnac College, in Bordeaux and 2 colleges in Spain and Mexico.

This is a 6 to 8 week exchange for 14 to 15 year old students. It is scheduled for the French Students
to arrive in NZ in 24th Feb 2020, and the NZ Students could possibly return to France with the French Students,
at the end of the 6 week exchange in April 2020.

The object of this exchange is total immersion. The students arrive in NZ or France, and are hosted by local families
with a student (or students) interested in a reciprocal exchange to France or NZ.

The students become regular school students. They spend their school days with the host families student, attending the same classes, doing the same homework and sitting the same tests. It will be difficult, but this is what the program is about. It doesn’t matter if they pass or not, as long as they try their best. They will also be involved in the host families normal routine, be it soccer on the weekends or a Sunday lunch with the Grandparents.

The host families will supply 3 meals a day (breakfast, a packed lunch and dinner).
They will also supply a bed (It would be ideal if the travelling students could have their own room,
but may not always be possible).


The host families are encouraged to show their students some of the local sights,
attractions and places of interest, during their stay.

The idea of this exchange is that the only cost to the travelling student will be the flights, travel insurance
and any spending or entertainment money. Expenses like mobile phone sim cards and public transport travel cards will be
covered by the travelling students families.

When the NZ Students travel to France, they will also be hosted by families with students, at the reciprocal college in France. They will be hosted completely free of charge (as above) and they will become immersed in a
normal day to day French school routine.

Both Programs 1 and 2 will encourage a desire, to embark on longer term exchange programs to NZ and France.

Program 3: Longer Term Exchanges ( 6 -12 months )


Using my French network, I am also promoting the existing opportunities of International Exchange Programs
in NZ to French Students. There are a range of exchanges available studying at a mixture of colleges.


These exchanges range from 3 months, 6 months or a full year. This program is also good for those who have graduated from college and would like to spend a year in NZ studying English in a NZ college.

Please contact me for further information and options.

NZ Summer Camp



There are a growing number of Students interested in an English speaking summer camp immersion program. Proposed during July and Aug each year, so French students can visit NZ during their summer holidays and not miss out on their French school timetable. In return a similar camp could be organised if there was enough interest, for NZ Students wishing to travel to France during the holidays.

Coming soon - This is something I will turn my attention to once the other programs are fully underway.

Feel like and adventure ? - contact me for further details
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