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I have spent three years travelling Europe, visiting some of the finest wedding venues 
and coordinating weddings at a gorgeous Chateau in France.


I have recently returned to NZ to showcase some of the premium venues spotted around our beautiful country. I have handpicked venues that I feel meet particular requirements to make the cut and be awarded
my premium seal of approval.


Choosing a venue is probably 'THE' most important decision when it comes to your wedding

- so that's where I come in!


My experience as a wedding venue coordinator at a lovely Chateau in France, has shown me what really matters when it comes to a venue. I have visited some of top NZ venues and will continue adding more as I find them.


There are many aspects of a venue you may not think of until it is too late. I have pre-empted those aspects and asked every question, taken every note and thought of every issue and request that may arise.

From guest numbers, music cut off, sun shine hours, all the way down to hairdryers, irons and ground type for walking on. I have complied extensive information about my chosen venues.


After a brief discussion with you, I will provide with a precise list of possible venues that meet your dates and requirements. I will point out all the positives and any negatives you may need to consider or compromise. I can then organise a guided visit of the top venues of your choice and help get that most important decision locked in.


Believe me the relief from having chosen your venue, is one of the best feelings of the entire wedding process (other than finding your perfect Fiancé of course!)

I would be honoured to be part of this decision with you.

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