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We have recently returned from three years travelling and living Europe,
visiting some of the most wonderful cultural locations and meeting some of the most amazing people.

Before leaving NZ in 2015 we hosted 6 international students from
a mixture of countries around the world.
We welcomed them into our home and made them part of our family.

Quite simply we felt honoured to have this opportunity!


Our experiences with each and every Students will stay with us forever,. The bonds we made and the experiences we had during their time here in NZ were wonderful. We enjoyed it so much, we even tried to visit as many as we could during our travels overseas. Seeing as we had the opportunity to get married, while we were living in France, 3 of my international daughters even managed to join us and be my bridesmaids making our special day even more wonderful!


 Now we have returned to NZ, we have also embarked on our new 'Exchange Programs'.
We wish to see as many other students, have similar experiences travelling to France and NZ
to create their own life long memories and experiences.

My connections with the French College enables us to provide a safe and secure opportunity for young people to get a taste for travel and experience a different culture and language from their own first hand.



The main objective of our programs 

- Providing a secure and safe environment within the local communities in each country

- Learning through immersion in a foreign language environment

- Experiencing life in a foreign college

- Providing host families with a passion for international students

- Providing cultural experiences and activities during the exchange

- Visiting sites and monuments within the local area

- Involvement in everyday life in the exchange country

- Dual opportunities for students and their families in NZ and France

- Developing life long relationships between families, students and new friends

- Providing the opportunity to learn through travel and adventure

- Having Fun

Click here to see what some of my past students have had to say.

Ready for adventure ? - contact me for further details
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